Fragile Love Book 1: Paper Flowers AVAILABLE NOW

My debut novel, an LGBT romance novel, is now available from Amazon in paperback and ebook formats. Join Jake Nicholls and Max Christiansen on their journey as they discover that scars and broken edges can be soothed when you’re not afraid to allow somebody to love you.

Paper Flower ebook cover

Jake Nicholls is a florist with a dark past. He spends his days helping people express their love with flowers and doesn’t realise quite how lonely that has made him until handsome lawyer Max Christiansen walks into his shop. Max is drawn to Jake who is frightened of the attraction that he feels and worries that allowing himself to reach out to Max will leave him broken. They have a rocky path to navigate and there is happiness in sight, but Jake’s issues might prevent them from reaching it.

Available on Kindle stores and Kindle Unlimited in all territories and paperback in select territories.