Upcoming Works

Fragile Love Series

Book 2: Silk Sheets (Augustus and Jamie)

Stage: Proofreading First Draft

The second book in the Fragile Love series features one of Max’s older brothers, Augustus, and a young man named Jamie Flynn. It will delve into darker themes more heavily than Paper Flowers did. Themes include: murder, organised crime, corruption, BDSM relationships, and manipulation.

Augustus Christiansen is a ruthless defense attorney, well known across the country for his high success rate, and suspected illegal tactics and ties with the American-Italian Mafia. It’s no surprise when he is called in to defend suspected Mob hitman Joe Esposito on a murder charge. It’s a long, drawn-out exhausting case and Augustus wants it out of the way so he can go home and pay a visit to his favourite BDSM club to unwind.

Jamie Flynn idiolised his older brother Peter. When Peter was murdered and Jamie witnessed the entire thing he was able to direct the police right to his brother’s killer. Unfortunately, Joe Esposito was able to get off scott-free thanks to his asshole lawyer who managed to somehow make the jury believe Peter was a bad guy. Jamie knows he must have paid people off and fabricated evidence. He wants revenge on the man who let a murderer walk free and he will go to any lengths to get it. When hacking into the Christiansen firm’s computers proves useless, he decides to spy on the man himself and find a way to get close, close enough to expose him for the scumbag he really is.

Fables of Destiny Series

Book 1: The Book of Souls

Stage: Worldbuilding

Information coming soon.

The Divide Series

Book 1: Across the Divide (Galedan and Arun)

Stage: Worldbuilding

If those names sound familiar, it’s probably because this is the novel that Max writes at the end of Paper Flowers. I interested myself with his plot so I decided Galedan and Arun need to have their own story, and their world needs to be developed so this story is currently in the world building stage with a few bits and pieces written.