Fragile Love series

LGBTQ* Romance

We have no control over who we fall in love with or when. Love happens, often times by surprise, and sometimes from the most unexpected of places. Though we have no control over falling in love, we are still left with a choice: do we pursue that love or do we let it go? When somebody feels broken, feels beaten down, feels lost, it can be hard to trust, it can be hard to allow themselves to be loved.

These are the stories of people who struggle to love and be loved in return. People who struggle to find their strength and confidence in themselves. These stories are of healing, and of love.

Children’s Books

Adventures of a Cat Wizard: Archimedes has been turned into a cat and for over a thousand years he’s been stuck that way. Join him as he embarks on a quest to find the witch that lives in the mountains behind his home, in the hopes that she may change him back, all while keeping his younger feline “brother” in line.