A little about me…

McMullen-COLOUR--67Hi, all, I’m Andie Barr and I’m a self published fantasy and romance author. I am a Ravenclaw and an INFP-A and if that doesn’t tell you what kind of person I am then the following description of myself should.

Being a huge reader is what put me into writing so it should be no surprise when I tell you I am a huge nerd. I love anything and everything related to fantasy and science fiction. I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Tolkien, Harry Potter, Christopher Paolini, Alison Croggon, Celine Kiernan, Rhonda Roberts, Trudi Canavan, Kim Falconer and so many more. Not to mention I love my Marvel Comics and the MCU movies. I also have a guilty pleasure love for Paranormal YA novels (I love Richelle Mead, sorry, not sorry). I have a soft spot for romance books, my current favourite writers in that genre are C.S. Pacat, J.L. Langley, Alessandra Hazard, Kindle Alexander, Shaw Montgomery.

Other genres I love include: classic lit, crime/thriller novels, shows and movies, and I love musical theatre.

Apart from reading and watching stories, I also love cooking, baking, meditation, hiking, and hitting the gym. I’m very into fitness, healthy living, and wellness.

Most of the time you can find me curled up with a book or my laptop/notebook and a cup of tea, petting my housemates’ cats while I read or write.

A little about what I write…

I’m a fantasy and a romance author, and sometimes I combine those two genres.

I love fantasy because of the detail and work that goes into creating entire worlds and everything within those worlds. I love creating political systems, races of people, magical creatures, all of their cultures, languages, folk stories, bar songs, magic, weapons, histories, religions – basically I love the act of creation. I have two fantasy series currently – one a fantasy epic, the other a fantasy romance – both are in the worldbuilding stage so stay tuned for information on those.

Romance, on the other hand, I enjoy because I like living vicariously through my characters who all have far better love lives than myself. I also enjoy telling different kinds of love stories, the kinds you don’t see enough of. I like to explore different themes in each of my stories, and I like writing characters who are a little broken and need healing. My Fragile Love series is about just this. Because I enjoy exploring darker themes and broken characters, I do not guarantee happily ever afters in my romance novels, sometimes it’s a better story if it doesn’t end happily.

I enjoy writing cross genres, so sometimes my romance stories are also fantasy, or science fiction, or paranomal.

I am always writing and there isn’t much I won’t try to write. I have a lot of stories to tell, and I hope I have the opportunity to tell them all.