It has finally happened, Paper Flowers has been released into the wide open world and I am so excited. And relieved. And kinda overwhelmed. There’s still so much to do and I’m also having to study for exams and write my final papers for the semester… gosh I picked a good time for a book release.

But in all honesty? I wouldn’t change a thing.

I fully intended from the get-go to treat this first release as a trial-and-error learning process. There are still some issues right now:

  • As I write this, my release day video still hasn’t uploaded to Youtube. That’s my bad, I should have filmed it prior to the release day but I couldn’t find the time until Tuesday morning. Then there was a lot of issues with my computer and editing the damn thing. Oh well, it’s done now and uploading. I’m not thrilled with the quality, I think my camera is getting a bit old and I need to save up for a new one and get a microphone to go with it. Still, I’m visible, I’m audible, and it’s halfway uploaded so at least I have a few wins in there.
  • The eBook is still not available on Kindle or the Apple Store. I have no idea what’s going on there. I know Ingramspark has the option to opt out of Kindle and Apple but I’m positive that I didn’t. I didn’t even see anywhere during the set up process to do so! It’s annoying. I’ve sent an email to customer support and hopefully they’ll get back to me soon and we can fix this, I’m so annoyed about it not being available in the two BIGGEST EBOOK RETAILERS but, as I said, learning process. Next time I’ll know how to make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • For some reason the price of the hardback on Booktopia has gone up nearly $20? I’m confused about this, it’s not supposed to be that expensive. The AUD RRP was $46, not $62… Sigh. Unfortunately, I can’t really do anything about Booktopia’s list price.
  • I’m kind of winging the whole marketing thing. I intend to nail out a better plan for next time but I think I’m doing alright.

Honestly, this is all good, I’m learning. When you’re running your own business, the best way to learn is through experience.

I plan on doing a video for my authotube channel and blog sometime down the road on my entire experience publishing through Ingramspark.

Honestly, I think my favourite thing that’s come out of those process is being able to create content again. I’ve been so stuck and so focused on Paper Flowers that I haven’t created any content since the beginning of the year. Now I have an entire list of blogs and videos to be crafted and released for your viewing pleasure.

On the list is a host of LGBTAIQ+ themed videos and blogs for Pride Month. There’ll be a lot about Paper Flowers and my romance series during June as well. Then after that, I’ve begun working on a series of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones opinion and analytical essays called Reflections of Ice and Fire, I’m excited about those and I can’t wait to start posting them during July and August. I also have some romance themed videos – things about the genre and things about writing romance – that I’m keen so share as well.

Basically, there’s a lot of stuff coming for you, get ready!

Everyone who signs up to Patreon will have early access to my blog posts and authortube videos 48 hours before they go live, so that’s another incentive to sign up to my Patreon before June 1st – remember, sign up before June 1st and you’ll get the eBook of Paper Flowers FREE! Doesn’t matter which tier, you can pledge $1 a month and you’ll still receive it. And now you’ll also receive early access to videos and blogs, no matter which tier you sign up to.

Come support me and get access to my content and sneak peeks of my WIPs, and first knowledge of covers and titles and new projects before everybody else, along with additional content exclusive to different Patron tiers.

Alright, so, three things for all you to remember:

1: Paper Flowers is one sale. Go out and buy it. I’ll let everyone know once it’s available on Kindle and Apple if that’s what you’re waiting for, never fear!

2: My first video in FOREVER is about to go up on Youtube once it (eventually) uploads. Go check it out!

3: Subscribe to my Patreon for advance blogs and videos from June onwards as well as sneak peeks and additional content exclusive to my patrons!

Thank you all for all your support, I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me next!

Loads of love,

Andie xoxo


Blood by Kirsten Krueger – I’m really enjoying this. It’s given me X-Men and The Runaways vibes and there are so many snarky characters. Most of the dialogue is pretty cheesy but it’s kind of just like reading most Marvel comics, to be honest, so I’m okay with that. I’m only about halfway through but I’m drawn into the story and am looking forward to a chance to read some more.


Silk Sheets (Editing)

Fragile Love Book 3 (Outlining)

The Book of Souls (Outlining; First drafting)

The Divide (Worldbuilding)

Secret Project #1 (Outlining; First drafting)

Secret Project #2 (Postponed)

Secret Project #3 (Brainstorming)


What else can it be but my own? Paper Flowers is a deeply heartfelt, emotional love story. It has some dark themes but it ultimately sweet, loving, beautiful. I recommend it to anyone who loves romance, LGBTAIQ+ literature, and strong character-driven narratives.

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