I have had a WILD last few months, and I don’t say that lightly.

I feel like I owe everybody in my writing tribe – especially my CPs Sydney and Keira – a massive apology for my absence and inability to follow through on, essentially, everything. And I do apologise, sincerely. It’s been about 12 weeks now where I’ve just felt… wrong. And stressed, and upset, and out of kilter, off balance, and like a complete and total failure of a human being.

Basically, severe mental health drop, woot. Add to that starting a new degree full-time on top of my part-time day job, and me trying to start my writing career, it’s been a recipe for a breakdown.

Anyway, I feel terrible about my absence from the writing community, and engaging with everybody’s content – and I honestly missed it like crazy – but I especially feel bad not for honouring my commitment to be a CP for Sydney and Keira. Ladies, you know I adore you and your work, and I am sincerely sorry. My semester is coming to an end and I am working on fixing insomnia and within the next month (I hope) I will be a more functional human.

Insomnia has been my main butt kicker and it has jumpstarted my depression and anxiety along with making me unable to fall asleep before 3am. Yay.

It sucks because the last few months should have been celebratory for me. Paper Flowers is releasing in less than a week and my children’s book released but because of my mental health concerns, I actually completely overlooked its release, and I ended up behind schedule for Paper Flowers‘ release content.

I made a decision, though, not to regret that. I’m just moving all my Paper Flowers content to June. It works. I’m advertising the book before its release but I’m going to do all the blog posts and youtube videos and giveaways during June because it’s Pride Month and what better time to celebrate the release of an LGBTQ+ romance than Pride Month?!

It also gives me a chance to get myself back on track with uni work, CP stuff, and my writing schedule. I’ve had to put some projects on the backburner and I want to bring them out and look at them again once I’m more on track.

I want to get into the habit I was doing well with in Jan and Feb with posting to my social media regularly, posting blogs, making videos, and actively working on my brand. Also, reading. I haven’t read a book since February so I want to get back on that. And now that my patreon is up, I want to fill it with content and convince people to pledge to it.

Essentially, what I want you to take away from this post is three things:

• My absence from the writing community was unintentional and I feel bad for it. Mental health isn’t something we can control and I wish mine had been in a better state recently.

• I am going to be posting more regularly from this point forward. I have some Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire blogs/opinion pieces written and I have some Pride Month/LGBTQ+ themed blogs ready for next month, as well as some videos scripted and ready to be filmed once I have a chance. Content!!! So much content coming!

Paper Flowers is releasing NEXT TUESDAY MAY 28 AND IS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER and my Patreon is up and running with lots of different tiers with different rewards for people to subscribe to.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,

Andie xoxo


Umm… nothing? I’m going to start something soon, I promise.


Paper Flowers: Releasing May 28

Silk Sheets: First round of edits and CP read-through

Fragile Love Book 3: Outlining

The Book of Souls: Outlining and first draft

The Divide: Worldbuilding and outlining

Secret Project #1: Outlining and first drafting

Secret Project #2: Postponed for later in the year but outlining and first drafting


Today marks the release of Claire Legrand’s Kingsbane, the sequel to Furyborn and I am so excited guys. I’ve banned myself from buying it until after my exams finish on the 13th of June but I already know it’s going to be amazing. If you haven’t read Furyborn I HIGHLY recommend it, it’s lead by two kick-ass women and has amazing representation and the pacing is brilliant and the plot is epic. Kingsbane is going to be even more amazing, I can feel it in my bones. Go read!

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