It is time.

Time for all the big announcements to become public news as opposed to only being known by those subscribed to my newsletter (to be first to learn big news, subscribe to my newsletter down the bottom of this page).

Let’s kick things off with a bang shall we? Allow me to present to you, my secret project:

Adventures of a Cat Wizard Book 1: The Great Escape

Front coverI am really excited to announce I will be releasing my first children’s chapter book on March 19th. It is currently available for pre-order. Presently it is only available in paperback format but if there is enough demand I will turn it into an ebook in the future.

I wrote this story as a Christmas present for my housemates and decided, with their enthusiastic blessings, to release it into the world. The story was inspired by conversations between my housemates and I about how one of their cats, Bear (featured on the cover) can’t possibly be a real cat. He is just so… big… and majestic. We decided he was either a mythical creature that looks like a cat, or a wizard who accidentally turned himself into a cat and is now trapped.

I can’t escape plot bunnies when it comes to conversations like that one and so Adventures of a Cat Wizard was born. I’m quite excited about this little story. Not only is it my first release since my disastrous decisions early last year, and thus my first official release under my new branding and business, but it is also a children’s book! Everything else I write is generally directed at adults, so I’m happy that I have a book my nieces and nephews will be able to read (first one is coming soon! I’m gonna be an Auntie!) and that my housemate, who is a primary school teacher, can read to her class.

It’s the best feeling to finally be able to talk about it and encourage people to pre-order it! Go out and pre-order please and tell your friends and family about it, especially if they have kids and those kids like cats. Bear/Archimedes and Cheshire have a wonderful story to share with them!

There will be three ARCs available in my upcoming giveaway and I will be giving away 10 additional ARCs to anybody willing to drop an Amazon or Goodreads and/or blog review on it. Stay tuned for that.

Speaking of the giveaway…

I will be announcing the giveaway officially on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook within a few hours. The rules will be outlined clearly, including ways to receive bonus entries (including signing up for my newsletter and following my social media accounts).

Not to mention…

My Kickstarter

Within the next five days I will be launching a kickstarter to help pay for editing and the final publishing costs of Paper Flowers. I intended to have it launched today but it took too long to verify my identity so the project is still in review. I will be very loudly announcing its launch once it happens but it would mean the world to me for people to support me. I want to ensure I release the best work possible and so being able to pay for an editor for Paper Flowers is important to me. Anybody who pledges their support before the giveaway end date will receive at least 5 additional entries into the giveaway. There are all kinds of goodies in the rewards for the Kickstarter and plenty of different pledge levels to suit anybody’s budget.

I’ll keep everybody updated on that as it continues to move towards launch.

As you can see, so much is happening for me right now. I’m launching my first children’s book for pre-order, I’m hosting my first giveaway, and I’m preparing to launch a kickstarter for my first adult novel release. All kinds of exciting things happening in Andie Barr’s world, I’m very pleased to have you along for the ride. Thank you so much for your support and I hope to provide you with plenty of content and reasons to stick around.

Until next time,

Andie xoxo

P.S. I would like to apologise for not posting a youtube video on the 10th. With so much going on, that feel to the wayside. There is a video that will be released soon, a book trailer for Paper Flowers. That will be public on the same day the kickstarter launches, so sometime this week. And there will be a video on the 26th as promised. Thank you for your patience!

Currently Reading:

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Current WIP Status:

Paper Flowers (final version, 70% complete)

Silk Sheets (First round edits and revisions)

The Book of Souls (Outlining and First drafting)

The Divide (Worldbuilding and Outlining)

This Week’s Book Recommendation:

Simon Vs The Homo-Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli – this book is soooo much better than that movie, highly recommend for a dose of extreme cuteness!

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