I have been rather absent from both my own website and my Youtube channel in the past two months. It wasn’t exactly a planned leave of absence and I maintained my presence in Instagram, but once I began, I realised it was the best decision for me.

I have had my attention split in multiple directions for the last few months, so many things requiring my undivided focus that I determined my blog and youtube channel would need to fall to the wayside temporarily until I had everything under control. Some of the issues requiring my attention were personal, others were work and study related.

  • I started a new job and needed to attend my training sessions and work on learning the business. I want to make a good impression on my new bosses, so this needed a lot of my focus.
  • I started my new study period for uni. My last two study periods have, uh, not gone the way I intended so I wanted to ensure this study period would be off to a better start. So far, so good. I’m currently in my first wave of assessments and I’m more or less on top of things.
  • I have been hard at work re-writing Paper Flowers and ensuring everything is ready to go once the manuscript is complete and edited and formatted. This turned into a MUCH LARGER project than I originally thought it would be, so I have become more relaxed about my finish time. Ideally, I would like to have it published by the end of the year, then I can turn my focus onto other projects, but quality over timeliness is my goal here; if it happens that it isn’t ready until early next year, so be it.
  • I have been busily working on a detailed plot outline for Fables of Destiny and worldbuilding The Divide on top of my PF re-writes. This is something that is important to me as I would like to work on book 1 of The Divide once Paper Flowers and Silk Sheets are published, and I would very much like to begin work on book 1 of Fables by the end of next year.

These four issues/projects have taken up a lot of my time over the last two months and a lot of my personal goals have been neglected in favour of them. I am hoping to spend October and November reassessing my time budgeting and working myself a better schedule that incorporates my day job, my study, my writing, and my personal goals in a more effective manner.

In intend to keep up to schedule with my blog posts, there will definitely be blog posts every Wednesday and on the 13th, and there may be bonus blogs on Saturdays if I have time to write them.

In the meantime, here is a tiny snippet from one of the new chapters of Paper Flowers:

Inside the kitchen isn’t quite the disaster zone Max is expecting, but the staff are running around frantically, and Tiberius is calling orders from in front of one of the stoves as he stirs a pot. Max picks his way through the chaos, careful not to jostle anybody as he passes. He reaches Tiberius and clears his throat. Tiberius glances at him, grins, and returns his attention to his pot. It smells like peppercorn sauce.

“I take it you found Jake?” Tiberius questions.

“You and Marcus are the worst,” Max informs him, “I told you all that I didn’t want to speak to him until this insanity is finished.”

“And if you’d waited that long he probably wouldn’t have been interested or you would have talked yourself into believing he is the devil incarnate or something.”

“I would not.” Max is offended. He isn’t completely unreasonable, despite what his siblings seem to think.

“You would have, and you know it.” Tiberius looks at him with a smug expression. “Anyway, Jake wanted to apologise to you. He made you up some flowers. Did you sort everything out?”

“No. We’re going to do that next weekend, maybe. We just apologised to each other. It was nice, so thank you.”

Tiberius gasps dramatically and flutters a hand over his chest. “Be still my heart, Max just thanked me for helping him out. This is a first.”

“Most of your ‘helping’ is just you interfering.”

“Always with your best interests at heart, baby brother.”

Max rolls his eyes. “Uh-huh.”

“Just think, without me you’d still be living with that asshole. You might have even married him.” Tiberius shudders with exaggerated disgust. “Unthinkable.”

Max laughs. “I’ll tell Charles you said that.”

“No need, I tell him that all the time.”

“I will never understand your friendship with him.”

“That’s fine because we aren’t friends.” Tiberius pulls a face. “Friends with that pompous dick? Never. Now, if you’re finished insulting my good taste in humans, please leave my kitchen. You’re in the way.”

Until next time folks!

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