Today is a big day of announcements for me so today’s blog is going to cover everything that is changing in my online/writing worlds at this point in time.

Authortube launch and social media schedule

At the same time that this blog post goes live, my very first video on my authortube channel on youtube will be going live. It’s a simple introduction video into who I, Andie Barr, am and I also complete the Authortube Newbie Tag, as I figured what better first video to have than that?

With the addition of authortube to my social media presence I’m adding to the level of work I have to do online so I’ll be doing a one month long trial of a posting schedule in order to see how well I cope, and if I’m not keeping up with it by July 13 then I will alter the schedule into something more manageable. If I keep up with it then I will keep it.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: daily posts
  • Website/blog: Wednesday and Saturday updates
  • Youtube: New videos Mondays and the 13th of each month

It is my intention to keep up with this as it will allow everyone to keep as up to date as possible with the goings on in regards to my WIPs and my life in general.

New branding

You might also have noticed that my blog looks different. If you follow my Twitter or Facebook then you will have seen that their headers have changed as well. That is because I am rebranding.

When I opened up all of this social media, I did so with the intention that Andie Barr would be solely a romance author. At the time I didn’t consider the level of effort I was going to put into building an online presence and a brand (Romantic Ramblings). The issue being that I also write fantasy. My original intention was to write fantasy under a different penname (yes, Andie Barr is a penname). However, once I came to the realisation of all of the effort I was putting in I decided I didn’t want to have to go through all of that for a second time with a different penname, so I would simply publish each of my works under a single name.

This is strange for me for a few reasons. One being that I had wanted to write fantasy under the name E. M. Kearney and Andie Barr sounds completely different so I had to become used to the idea that Andie Barr would be the name written on my fantast novels. A second being that my style for my romance novels is completely different to my writing style for my fantasy novels. I write incredibly differently. The intonation, the narration style, the descriptive style, the dialogue, all of it is very, very different and so it is going to be a little weird keeping everything under the one name but I figure people will get used to it. And finally, it’s weird for me because I started with the romance when I consider fantasy my main genre. Again, I’ll get used to it.

Deciding to switch to one penname, however, meant everything online needs to go through a bit of a makeover. I need to make sure people know Andie Barr doesn’t just write romance, but also writes pretty intense fantasy. So this blog and my authortube now go by the name of ‘Swords & Roses’. It might seem a little on the nose, but I like it. I feel that it suits me and sends a clear indication of my two niches. My thematic colours have also changed from pinks, to purples and golds. I’m going to make an attempt to work on both genres and to keep my media focused on both evenly.

Unpublishing Paper Flowers

I will explain this decision in more depth later on but for now, I will simply make the announcement. Paper Flowers has been unpublished from Amazon. I’m not keeping it unpublished, I’m not shelving Fragile Love, but I do not want to publish solely through Amazon. I also want to do a bit of work on Paper Flowers before I reveal its future and the future of my work in general.

More announcements about Paper Flowers and the second Fragile Love novel, Silk Sheets, will come in one month’s time on July 13, both here and on my Authortube channel.

And that concludes my three big announcements. More news will follow on from all of these, of course, in the coming weeks and months. I am hoping that these decisions will only have a positive impact on my future as a self-published author and a writer. I made a lot of hasty decisions three months ago when I started down this path and now I intend to move forward and make better decisions that will lay better groundwork for the future.

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