Today’s blog is just a writing update, I hope you don’t mind. I’ll keep it short. I’ve spent the day working on my first draft of Silk Sheets and constructing a playlist for the entire series.

First of all, the draft. It’s coming along nicely, so far. There are 25 chapters and an epilogue and I’m partway into Chapter 3 at the moment. I’m trying to ensure I have two distinct voices for Augustus and Jamie and I’m happy with that for the time being. I imagine I’ll improve as the book goes on and when it comes time to proof read the first draft, I’ll be making major changes to the narration of the earlier chapters to alter the voices to match the rest of the book.

It’s also fun because I’m getting to play with characters who were only background characters in Paper Flowers, but that I really liked and wrote a lot of backstory to when I was editing and rewriting parts of the story. Augustus, Julius, and Charles are the three that I was most keen to write more about, Tiberius as well though he features less in Silk Sheets than the other three. Tiberius gets his own book though, Book 5 is going to feature Tiberius as one of the main characters and Julius gets Book 3, so I’m so excited to write more of those boys. AND the best thing, I created a whole new character today and I love him so much, he is going to get Book 6 for his own story, because he has interested me so he deserves his own story, too.

I think that’s my favourite thing about writing this series. That I’m not focusing on only one or two characters for multiple books, but I’m telling a range of stories across the series. Every new character I create to fill a space in one story has the potential to grow into their own story and give me yet another tale to create and write down. It’s the most fun I’ve had writing in years, and I mean that literally. I always love writing and I always get excited when I’m creating something new, but I’m actually giddy with excitement as I jot down every new idea that occurs to me. I have currently 7 novels and 2 novellas with ideas jotted down for them. Two of the ideas are novellas because they fit within the events of one of the big novels already planned so have much shorter stories to tell, at least for me they do. The first novella planned will involve Kalli and Ann from Paper Flowers and the second novella was a short idea that came to me when plotting out ideas for Book 4.

It’s safe to say that drafting and series plotting is going quite well at present, something that makes me incredibly happy. And after I submitted both of my assessments for uni this past weekend, I freed myself up with lots of writing time for the next couple of weeks until I need to focus on my next assessment tasks. For now, I’m committed to the Silk Sheets draft and it’s cooperating so I’m going to call that a victory.

Secondly, my playlist. I always tend to make playlists for big projects but I don’t put a lot of effort into them. While I like music and I tend to listen to it a lot (like whenever I am out in public to discourage strangers from approaching me, also I need it when I’m travelling and as it is a 45 minute train ride to Melbourne city from my house, headphones and spotify are essential), I’m not somebody who considers myself a music buff. I don’t go to a lot of concerts (though I went to Adam Lambert and Queen in February and it was the best concert I have ever been to, 10/10 would recommend), and I’ve never been to a music festival (and I don’t intend to ever go to one). I don’t actively search out new artists and music to listen to. I’m happy with what I listen to now, I’m very set in my musical tastes and though they are quite wide and varied, I’m not exactly open to expanding them further. In fact the only time I seek out a new song is if I’m constructing a playlist for a writing project and I don’t know one that fits something I’m feeling.

Taking into account my weird attitude towards music, making playlists is never a major part of my writing process. I like to listen to music while I write so I like to have a collection of songs that fit the brief of what I’m writing, but there’s never any order or reasoning to it. I have a spotify playlist called ‘when you need to write romance’ but it’s very eclectic and has a lot of different kinds of love songs on it so it doesn’t entirely fit with the Fragile Love series.

For the first time, I’m carefully selecting the songs that are put on my playlist, ones that instantly make me think of either the series as a whole or one of the couples I’m writing about. And I’m trying to put them in an order. At the top are songs that encompass the entire series’ themes and emotions, and then the rest of the songs are in order of the books/couples they belong to. And within that I’m trying to order them so they make basic sense with the story idea for each book. It’s a lot of work and I currently only have 35 songs on it but I intend to continue adding to it until I’ve got a nice long playlist that I can play without hitting shuffle and have it tell me a story similar to the stories I am writing.

We shall see how that turns out.

Anyway, that is my writing update for today. I apologise for the messiness of this post, my brain is a tad all over the place because I’ve been switching between writing Silk Sheets, making the playlist, and writing down ideas for the rest of the series before I forget them. There’s so much happening in my brain that it’s a little hard for me to focus enough to write a simple blog post. Oh, being a writer is a pain sometimes, but I wouldn’t give up my creativity for all the ordered thoughts in the world.

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