Right now, I’m trying to balance multiple aspects of my life while working to include several others that are taking some time to integrate.

So, I study full-time via an online university. I’m studying a degree in Internet Communications and Professional Writing and Publishing so that I can learn how to blog and market myself far better in today’s online world.

I’m now serious about my writing, having published one novel and working on more for the series. Being serious about writing means I have put aside dedicated time every day where I work on writing, on my social media for my novels, on outlining and planning and research and everything else that goes along with being a writer. There is time every day where I try to work on those things.

I’ve been accepted to train four nights a week at a sports academy, unfortunately I cannot attend at present because I can’t afford the enrolment at this time. Once I can, that will be 2 hours a night, four nights a week. In addition to this I gym/work out every single morning.

That leads me to number four, and that is that I am hunting for part-time/casual work to make my life a little smoother financially (and allow me to begin my sports training).

At the same time I’m trying to remain a socially-active person with my housemates and my friends.

It’s a lot, it’s honestly a lot. Currently, I don’t have a job so I know what life would be like for me if I didn’t need one. I eat quite well, I’m able to grocery shop and cook quite often¬† so that I’m eating good, healthy, filling meals. My sleep schedule is pretty good. I have time to work out and, if I could afford it, I would be able to make it to every night of training. I journal every morning and night and meditate three times a week. I have plenty of time for study and for writing and I can go wherever I would like to do that study or writing. It’s nice. And I would love for things to stay that way but unfortunately it’s just not possible.

I’m not built for 9-5 work, whether it’s retail, hospitality, or office work. I’m just not made for that. I like spontaneity and doing different things every day. In my ideal life I would love to travel frequently and write while travelling and blog about my travels. I would love to be able to work from anywhere and at any time. And I know, I know, lots of people want that and it sounds like I basically want loads of reward for minimal work but it isn’t that at all.

I have about five different business/career ventures I want to undertake and juggle because I love being busy and having loads to do. For now I wish to keep most of them to myself, because I’m working on making them possible, but there will be lots of work for the reward I would like, but it will be the kind of work I want to do and will enjoy doing.

My friend Tara and I actually talked about this the other day. Our generation, Millennials, seem to have a strong desire to work from home. To be able to control our own schedules and careers. We joked that it’s because Millennials don’t like people. I don’t know about other people who want to work from home, but for me it’s because I find having a ‘workplace’ is monotonous and it actually kills my creative buzzes and my motivation.

To me ‘working from home’ wouldn’t necessarily always be me at home and writing and working there. I would go to cafes, I would go to libraries, gardens, parks, beaches, sit on trains and work while people watching, food courts in malls, anywhere really that would allow me to fill myself up with inspiration and motivation and appreciation for life. I would work while travelling to new places. Writing, business, blogging, whatever it happens to be, I would like to be able to do it from anywhere so that I can remain inspired all throughout my life.

Whenever I travel, I’m always inspired. Not only to write but to enjoy life and have adventures and try every new thing that I can.

It’s a bit of a crazy dream at the moment but I’m working on making that happen. In the meantime I’m gonna keep up my act of juggling study, writing, work, sport, and life and know that it’s all in the effort to make my dreams come true.

Before I go, I have some things I want you to think about. I want you to seriously think about and answer these questions. These are questions I have asked myself in the last 1-2 years and they are the reason I am now on this path that is making me so happy and leading me towards the life I want to lead.

Ask yourself:

What are your dreams? What is your ideal life? Are you making steps towards that life? If not, why? Can you change and start working towards that ideal? What’s stopping you? What are you willing to change to make you happy?

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